tattoos and gym

tattoos and gym


if you are not a lizard who loves lying in the sun, maybe you are a hyperactive monkey… in this case, the first question you would ask to the tattoo artist is: 


when can I go back to the gym after I get a tattoo?

can I go running with a fresh made tattoo?

what about yoga? can I practice yoga? and CrossFit? and…


YES ^ _ ^ let’s say you can do almost everything, in the right ways and times 


Let’s see…


in other articles I already clarified that a fresh made tattoo, during its initial healing period, expels excess fluids and we all know that by sweating the body expels liquids, and that sweat is full of germs 


we also know that the tattoo is an open wound afraid of germs, and that’s an open window for infecting bacteria



I would say that it’s pretty obvious that during the first 3 days (even better if 5) it is totally not recommended to do all those physical activities involving sweating


because the sweat is not hygienic on an open wound and also because by sweating you could make your tattoo expel too much fluid and, consequently, too much colour would come out – more than it should 


in this way the tattoo may not preserve its original intense colours 


I would therefore suggest you to sacrifice 5 days of intense physical activity to obtain more intense colours that will last your whole life ^ _ ^ don’t you agree?


so, say NO to CrossFit, running, cycling, zumba and aerobics classes for 5 days 


however, in the meantime, you can practice all the anaerobic activity that you want ^ _ ^

you can do anything that doesn’t make you sweat

a lot ^ _ ^

!! BUT!!


you should apply a light layer of cream on the tattoo before starting training to prevent dry skin from cracking during the exercises 


so, you can go to the gym or practice yoga, pilates or all those physical activities that do not involve a lot of sweat. You just need to apply a thin layer of cream before starting any activity


I’d say it’s a good compromise, don’t you think?


with love, but always irriverent