we got to the famous question:

how long should I wait before sunbathing after getting a tattoo?


it depends on what you exactly mean by sunbathing ^ _ ^


let’s make some clarifications: 

if you want to go to the beach, you can do it straight after getting a tattoo



IF you cover the tattoo in a way that germs, bacteria and dirt don’t reach it


IF you wash the tattoo frequently to keep germs and sweat away

IF you TOTALLY protect the tattoo from the sun’s rays, perhaps by placing a tissue or t-shirt on it 

IF you don’t tumble in the sand to avoid getting your wound dirty and you don’t practice physical activity that makes you sweat 



would this be a good compromise? 

my grandmother used to say that something is always better than nothing ^ _ ^ 


this can be compared to PHASE1 during the lockdown…


after the first 7/10 days, PHASE2 will begin: all the dead skin will be gone, the outer layers of skin will be formed (even if they are still weak) and you’ll be able to start going to the beach with more peace of mind 


in this phase, germs, sand and dirt will no longer be a problem

not even sweat

when it comes to sun exposure, you will be able to expose yourself to the sun with more confidence by using a protective cream with a high SPF



you need a VERY HIGH SPF cream

avoid using SPF 5, it’s useless


the first layers of skin are now formed, but they are very weak, and if it’s August 15th when the sun is very strong, it could irreparably damage your skin 


it’s like when you wax your facial hair, and you’re told not to expose yourself to the sun or your skin will be full of stains that will last forever


“Irreparably damage the skin”

definitely not a good idea…


therefore, during the first month of life of your new tattoo, it’s always good to protect it with a cream that has the highest protective factor available on the market 


and apply it several times a day


please, listen to your tattoo 

if there is something wrong, your tattoo will communicate with you

so if you feel it burning a little, don’t wait even a second: apply some more cream or protect it by putting a t-shirt on it


when it comes to indoor tanning:

it’s a NO-NO 


during the first week of life of the tattoo, 

then, during the next three weeks you can do it by covering the tattoo with a thick layer of protective cream 

^ _ ^ but it should be very thick… like half centimetre of cream!!!

and, as soon as you finish, you have to remove it…


see? this indoor tanning thing seems a bit of a rip off, I would wait till next month if I were you ^ _ ^


after the first month, PHASE3 will begin. Here, my advice is the following: ALWAYS protect the tattoo with a very high protective cream, in order to keep it beautiful over the years 


over your lifetime


in order to avoid making it fade, just like a t-shirt lying under the sun


but I covered this topic in depth in this article:

the weird love story between SUN and TATTOOS


and if you are a beautiful beach lizard, a sun animal, I recommend you reading it, because it’s important that you understand how the sun acts on the tattoo in the long run so as not to lose its beauty and turn into a shapeless spot 


with love, but always irriverent