washing the TATTOO

washing the TATTOO

the advice that changed my life


I’m about to give you a very, veeeeeeeeery important advice, that has totally improved and simplified the healing of my tattoos: 


wash the tattoo twice a day
and massage it gently, in order to dissolve any clump of platelets that is forming in that area


Yes, this can truly change everything 


by massaging the tattoo while taking a shower, you will dissolve all the clumps of platelets that are forming in that area during the stage before the crust. In this way, you will avoid the formation of the crusts, 

and all the dead skin that is slowly taking shape will come off more easily, 

this will reduce the itch and the healing time


washing the tattoo TWICE A DAY doesn’t allow clumps of platelets to turn into crusts


I adopted the following technique with the last tattoos I made on my body: 


I washed the tattoo twice a day, massaging it slowly to dissolve the clumps that I found. After that, I would dry the tattoo carefully and apply the cream on it


if the cream is a good, nourishing one, such as DERMALIZE VELVET CREAM, it can be enough to apply it twice a day 

or three times, if you have the chance to


The difference between a good cream and a not-so-good one is the following: 

the nutritional level can be translated to ” how many times per day you will have to put the cream to your tattoo” 

If you spend some extra money on a good cream, then you will definitely waste less time in its application 


Here are my favourite creams:



HUSTLE BUTTER standard or hemp


which soap should I use to wash the tattoo?
should I use a neutral soap?
should I use an antibacterial soap?


and why?

so, the point is… nowadays, in 2020, which soap is not neutral?

which soap is not mild?

which soap can damage your skin?


maybe only the dish soap is the one that you shouldn’t use, as it’s too abrasive… but, to be honest, I still didn’t meet any fool who thinks about washing a fresh tattoo with dish soap ^ _ ^ 


let’s say that all the hand, body or face soaps currently found on the market are good options for cleaning a tattoo 

you don’t need an intimate hygiene soap


unless you’re washing an intimate part of your body ^ _ ^



the type soap you us it’s not such a relevant point, the most important thing is to WASH THE TATTOO ^ _ ^ constantly 


so… the soap you have in the shower is perfect

anyway, it’s wise to use a completely natural and antibacterial product, such as the  NATURAL SOAPS WITH NEEM OIL


I often gift my clients with a special tattoo washing soap


this soap doesn’t burn at all, it actually reduces inflammations and it has soothing properties, therefore washing and massaging the tattoo becomes a refreshing practice ^ _ ^ 


as I said, it’s not necessary to use this kind of soap, but it can be very useful and relieving as it’s soothing and doesn’t burn at all,  


nowadays, there are several brands on the market, but I obviously prefer to opt for vegan and other natural choices, such as the Italian brand DERMALIZE FOAM, a totally natural and vegan soap, enriched with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. I also like the Spanish vegan gel offered by  BALM TATTOO


How to dry a freshly made tattoo?


 have heard some tattoo artists saying that they use kitchen paper towels or a clean towel to dry the tattoo 


 when it comes to myself, guys, I prefer to take it easy and live a peaceful life 


as I always say, if paper towel was created to be used in the kitchen, I honestly don’t think that it’s the best solution to adopt on a fresh wound  


I’ve never heard of any doctor suggesting to use paper towel on a skinned knee after a fall to the ground, therefore I don’t see what its usefulness is in the care of a tattoo 


paper towel was not created with the intention of being soft and delicate so as not to irritate a fresh wound


So here you go, paper towel is surely to be avoided 


A bath towel is certainly softer and more delicate ^ _ ^


Do you need a towel that you use only for the tattoo?
even in this case, I would say no…


but sure thing is that the towel won’t irritate the skin ^ _ ^


All the towels we have in the bathroom are clean, because we use them to dry ourselves AFTER the shower and NOT BEFORE it, when we’re all dirty 


I think that a towel that is dedicated only to the tattoo has the potential to be as dirty as the one you use to clean your face, I don’t see any difference 


So guys, take it easy


A towel is fine, don’t get paranoid if you or your husband also used it to dry your hands before having lunch ^ _ ^


for sure, what’s a useful tip here is HOW to use the towel 


It’s better to be gentle on the wound: it makes  much more sense to tampon the tattoo rather than rubbing it 


But the tattoo speaks to you if you know how to listen to it, and if you’re a little too clumsy, the skin will certainly get inflamed 

So, take a step back and slow down with your movements ^ _ ^

As the healing process progresses, you will be able to be less and less delicate 


can I go to the swimming pool with a freshly made tattoo?
1 + 1 = 2 so if I can wash the tattoo I can also go to the pool, right? ^_^



for two reasons:


or at least its colour can fade, at least partially…
then, I would say it’s better not to risk, after what you have suffered to get the tattoo and with all the love you have for it


chlorine, sodium, bleach…

these elements are too aggressive in the initial healing phase of a very delicate tattoo, and they can damage the first weak layers of new skin




and being a new, fresh, thin and weaker skin, softening it could also damage it


this would take you to stepping back light years with the healing process


and if 1 + 1 = 2 then…
I can’t even swim in the sea, right?
indeed, you can’t



Not only because soaking weakens the skin, but also because our sea is certainly not the cleanest one


and as we said before, germs, bacteria and dirt must stay away from the tattoo in the initial phase of healing


sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath are also excluded ^ _ ^


and how long does this damned initial phase of healing last?

when does the reclusion period end?


I would say after 7-15 days


the total healing cycle of a tattoo normally lasts 28 days, it has the same length of a lunar cycle


but after the first critical phase of the first two weeks, the external part gets strong and can resist almost anything, in the meantime the body continues to strengthen the tissues to give them the strength they had before




I think I clarified many doubts, perhaps even those that you didn’t have before ^ _ ^


with love, but always irriverent