tattoo & sun cream

Noway, it harms your health

do you know when the tattooist tells you:
“please remember the sun cream!!!”
And you automatically nod with your head but deep down just think “yeah, sure, forget about it!” I have to turn into Naomi Campbell within Sunday”


and us tattoo artists know that


Ok now I am going to surprise you with special effects and boring scientific pills, but I really want you to be aware of how things are made in this world of ours, so you can go to the beach and get brown without worries but knowing that then you can’t go back to your tattooist to complain ^_^


It is a bit like the warning sentences on the cigarette packages “SMOKING REALLY HARMS YOUR HEALTH”

You know
But you smoke anyway
But don’t complain about your cough ^_^

This is the desired effect 


OK. Let’s start from the beginning


There was once the human being, that made lots of steps on the evolutionary scale but has not made any progress towards the evolution of the visual system (the eyes) since we were given it:

basically we can’t see further than our nose but probably that’s what we want and for all the rest… Amen.

Anyway, the tiny part of the light spectrum that gives us visual sensations (usually called light) is the one included between 380 and 700 nanometers : that means that WE in comparison to the light spectrum ARE BLIND.


It seems that our very first ancestors  were creatures that used to live in the muddy waters and this part of the light spectrum is the only one that can penetrate the water…

and it was the only one that we needed when we were given the eyes.

5 billion years have elapsed and we have steadily moved to live on the solid ground, but our visual system has remained the same.

This is to tell you that there are a lot of other kinds of lights that our eyes can’t perceive, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

The gamma rays , the beta rays , the X rays, the infrared rays…all of them are part of the light spectrum but they are out of reach of our eyes. After the purple colour, that we can see, there are ultraviolet rays that we can’t see…those cheeky nasty ones!

So good for some things but so harmful for others; indeed, the populations that are the most exposed to the sun have a darker complexion because they have created a solid layer of melanin to protect themselves against the ultraviolet rays, that are capable to destroy a very important vitamin for the fertility: the folic acid.

Apart from destroying this vitamin, the ultraviolet rays do a lot of other things, like altering the links between the molecules of the pigments too, of the inks, disjointing them.


!!! TA TA TA TAN !!! 


: this is the key point that I was looking for

Do you know when you leave a colourful t-shirt out in the sun in summer to dry? How does it discolour quickly?

It’s caused by those friendly ultraviolet rays!!!

And those you have under your skin are pigments, inks…all natural of course and without heavy metals, ok,  but always inks though! And exactly because of this they are more delicate than those invasive pigments used to dye the fabrics

So tell me… what do you think it will happen if you leave your tattoos in the sun in summer?

The molecules of the pigments alter, they disjoint and the result is that little by little the colours of your tattoos will fade away.

And it’s neither useful nor wise to readjust them in the future ^_^
So don’t hide behind the usual excuse ‘’who a few years I will go back to the tattooist to retouch the colours”


The result of a touch-up is always worse,
it is a patch on a broken dress and I can guarantee you that after years you had your tattoo the fashion will no doubt be different and you will find yourself strengthening and giving a new life to something that looks old-fashioned… and this is never a sensible thing to do. ..

I hope I have been clear enough

It is like taking your old and dented Fiat Panda 4×4 that once was red and now looks light pink to a panel beater and ask him to repaint it in dark blue, opaque frosted, because now that’s the fashion…let’s say that the effect won’t be great; you will have a dented and tawdry Panda 4×4.


Is it ok? Is it all clear?
Good ^_^
I am very pleased

And that’s the reason why I spend my days down on the beach at the bar, playing cards with my beloved elderly people ^_^
So if you are looking for me down at the beach you can come to the bar and you can offer me a beer^_^


So in a nutshell:


You have to spread the sun cream on your tattoo all life long ^_^
(given the quality of the present filter of our atmosphere we should always spread the sun cream all over our body but if I start talking to you about this as well I will feel like a real mother-in-law!)


In any case, please please please, use the sun cream at least during the first month

Our body takes 28 days to regenerate completely the skin layers that have been inscribed with the tattoo, so this means that in the first 28 days the tattoo hasn’t got any defense against the ultraviolet rays and if you don’t protect it you can cause irremediable damage and definitive lesions (going back to the example above, it is like smoking when you are pregnant)

Anyway, even if after 28 days the skin layers have been completely regenerated, they are fresh and new and they are weaker than the rest of the skin.

Ok … end of the lecture and of the boring scientific knowledge, do you hate me now?
Or do you love me like you used to do earlier?
You know, that’s the way it is…


PS: using the solar protection PF5 is not enough to build a barrier to stop the ultraviolet rays; let’s say that we should use a PF150.000+ that hasn’t been invented yet…so for the moment let’s say we’ll use a PF50+ , maybe waterproof so you can put it in the morning and then forget about it ^_^ if you really make the effort to use the sun cream make sure that it is useful at least!

PPS: remember that the ultraviolet rays are also in the sun showers and sun beds of the beauty centre next to your house









with love, but always irriverent




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Scientific data (revisted) taken from the book “il colore della luna, di 
Paola Bressan