DELETE A TATTOO on the way to wee wee

Did you know that you can delete your tattoos on the way to wee wee? No?

YES!  its name is simply laser tattoo removal ^_^

and now let’s try to do a bit of healthy Gossip about it: what is the laser, how it works, why it works, if it works, where it works … times, ways, costs … everything in short!


And now I will try to explain to you briefly what it is:

Limits and values of the ’’laser tattoo removal” in 2018 ^_^


Let’s start from the premise that our body is beautifully perfect and provides a method of getting rid of the wastes that work 24 hours a day non-stop and that it is super efficient. 

Sometimes though, these wastes are that big that our body can’t remove them, even though it never stops to hope…

and  it is always alerted
because something might change
and these wastes are given a bunch of blows
and maybe they break
and might become smaller
and maybe it manages to get rid of them
. finally .

so this is the laser:
it is that fist in your face that breaks the wastes and makes them smaller, so small that the body can get rid of them


Even ifthe inks for the tattoos nowadays are all very natural, our body perceives them as something extraneous: it wasn’t there when our body was created, so our body doesn’t need it

. it is a waste to get rid of .

Even a single drop of ink is too big for our body that is inhabited by millions of tiny beings that we can see only with powerful microscopes, so the waste remains there

. the tattoo remains there . 


But our body doesn’t forget about it
!! no nononononononono no no no !!

Our body always keeps an eye on it, in case something changes miraculously.

And in the free time it tries to get rid of this waste
even if it hasn’t become smaller maybe it has become weaker
and it is actually able to do something about it with the time

like the waves that, little by little, erode the rocks, it does the same.

And indeed the 20-year-old tattoos don’t look that nice anymore, do they?


Surely it is partially due to the different techniques they used in the past too, definitely not specialized and updated like now… but let’s recognize that even our body plays a part in that, with its endless job day after day

Moreover I would like to remind you that you too very often help your body to get rid of your tattoo!!! That’s when you lie down in the sun…WITHOUT SUN CREAM!!!


And in case you haven’t read it, read my article abou THE SUN CREAM 


: anyway, that’s what the laser does
It’s such a powerful fist that goes and hits the ink particles smashing them, and breaks them into pieces

. it crushes them .


making them that small to be able to be expelled from our body through the classical drains: wee-wee and sweat mainly

It seems that through massage you can help and make the process faster by helping the lymphatic system to get rid of the wastes, but nothing so socially spread yet




: laser is fast
that fast that it goes under the skin, in the flesh, but without damaging the skin externally, only a titchy bit really



If after a laser treatment you can see a ”ghost effect”  on your old tattoo, it is not a consequence due to the laser treatment but, on the other hand, a consequence of the tattoo


the tattoo CAN indeed ruin the skin
especially if it is made by an inexperienced or heavy hand

it can ruin the skin and create a scar, deep or light, that you can’t see at first because it is hidden by the ink of tattoo itself

but if later you take the ink off …. HERE IT IS!!! And the ghost of the tattoo comes up

. the initial scar .

And there guys there’s not much you can do…

Even if the light abrasion of the tattoo on the skin compels the skin to cicatrize again that surely improves the initial effect…the best thing is always cover it with a  new tattoo, much better than the previous one ^_^


: laser is powerful
but unfortunately not enough to be able to crash all the ink in one fell swoop


that’s why you need to use it different times to completely remove the tattoo

> how many times?
Guys ask this question to a specialist, because I make tattoos, I don’t remove them ^_^

Please, if you decide to remove a tattoo, first of all, it is fundamental that you go to a specialist: never trust the low-cost proposals

it is much better to spend a bit more but be safe, because you have been a stupid already when you decided to go for the tattoo, so when you decide to get rid of it, at least, think twice and choose a specialist! ^_^


WARNING: ONLY A DOCTOR can use a laser that is apt to remove a tattoo. Normally it is a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon





: two different kind of laser

nowadays there are two kinds of good lasers on the market: the Q-Switchs that are quite common and the PICOs, that are more recent and less known

both have pros and cons


but mainly we can say that the Q-S are cool because they can remove all the colours (even if the lighter colours that are similar to the colour of the skin are the most difficult to remove and take more time)

whereas the PICOs are cool because they are really very small and very precise, also much faster and allow the partial removal of the tattoo

>>> In this case you can talk about “tattoo changing” (and not about “tattoo removal”) which means that you change the tattoo precisely into what you want and you get rid of the parts you don’t want. Cool, isn’t it?

This type of laser is also used for the removal of the so called “migration of the tattoo”, that is the removal of that bluish ring that looks like a bruise, that sometimes spreads around the tattoo and is caused by the undesired migration of the ink under the skin


: does laser hurt? how much does it costs?
Here we have the negative sides of the laser ^_^


and if you thought that tattoos hurt, well, you were wrong;

Now…the positive thing is that because only DOCTORS can use lasers, it means that they can also give you some local anaesthetic creams.

These creams are only cutaneous, so they can’t reach your flesh, however they give you a pleasant and stimulating sensation

I tried it, because it seemed right to me to experience what we are talking about … and every time I think about it I still fill myself with chills !!!

but it must also be emphasized that, as I said before, the laser is fast, so fast !!!
and in a 15-20 seconds of treatment you make a dozen square centimeters of skin … then STRENGTH AND COURAGE !!! that you can do it



and if you thought that tattoos cost a lot, you were wrong;

removing a tattoo will cost at least 5 times more of what you paid to have it done…

So, do you want to remove the tattoo with the name of your ex that cost 100 euros? you will pay at least 500 euros for it
But it will be worth it…you will be able to finally get rid of something that was really bothering you!

I am of the opinion that if something makes you feel good then it is always money well spent, isn’t it?



and if you thought that waiting for two months to do the tattoo was so much, well, you were wrong

to lighten a tattoo so that we can tattoo on it again it takes at least a 3-5 sessions, while to remove it permanently it takes at least 8-10 sessions

specialists recommend taking sessions 1-2 months apart

some say even after a month, a month and a half, but now it seems a useless and outdated thing:

>>> you must remember that the laser is a punch that shatters the pigments and then the white blood cells take care of the work and slowly, every day, they dispose of it a little… punch the pigments again while the white blood cells are still working, it doesn’t help them

you overload them with work, but they don’t care and they only do the work they can do in a day, they don’t do more because they have more to do …

so I might as well save the pennies (AND THE PAIN !!!) and go there after 1-2 months leaving those poor white blood cells to do their work in peace




: two other little gossip about it


> what about colorful tattoos?
well, a different world opens up here because colored tattoos are A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT more difficult to remove

let’s say a serious dermatologist will probably tell you that it would be better not to even put it there
but in reality many results can also be obtained in the color, with much more time and patience

surely a good result is obtained with dark colors, especially red comes off well

but for light colors … uuuuu …. the work is a bit complex and the guarantees are never total, especially with very light colors like white, yellow and pink

we say that the laser must see where to act,
so the darker the color, the easier it is to act, the more the color is clear or similar to the heart of the skin, and the more difficult it will be to obtain results


> post laser care?
absolutely simple: a little bit of antibiotic cream for 5-7 days and go easy on scratching, which a little pinches … but if you pinch it is definitely good because it means that the body works

it can make small bubbles or crusts as the number of sessions increases because the power of the beam also increases, but almost everything is decidedly manageable


. the end .



ok …. the divine comedy for today is over
(heck, I was really long-winded)

but this subject I really wanted to deal with, given the many requests, given the great misinformation and the historical period we are going through with so many too many little improvised tattoo artists doing damage to the right and to the left, tattooing in the kitchen or under the stairs

and I was anxious to tell you that YES, TODAY THERE IS A SOLUTION ^_^



with love, but always rock